Release date: August 25, 2017

Record Label: Superlative Music Recordings /                            SPV Records (Europe/UK)


        1. Breaking the World

        2. Living is Dying

        3. The End of You

        4. The Place Between

        5. If Need Be

        6. Identity

        7. Rip Through These Chains

        8. A Memory Forgotten

        9. Impulse

      10. Conscious

      11. Fade Into Never

      12. All Your Pain

About This Release:

    "Breaking the World" is Threatin's debut album.

It will be released on August 25th, 2017.

Jered Threatin on the "Breaking the World" album:

    “During the time I was working on the album; I kept somewhat of a lyric journal and a number of notebooks that I would write down lyrics and song ideas in."


    "I wrote the lyrics primarily in first-person. It feels liberating, and, I find it allows the listener to relate the lyrics to their own life while they are singing along as well.”


    Jered Threatin: Vocals & All Instruments

                          (Guitars, Bass, Piano, & Drums)

    Written by: Jered Threatin

    Recorded at: MindFrame Studios

                               (Los Angeles, CA)

    Produced & Mixed by: Jered Threatin

    Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

                                                      (New York , NY)

    Art Concept & Design: Jered Threatin

    Photography by: Glass Castle Photography

                                      (West Hollywood, CA)

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Under Exclusive License to Superlative Music Recordings

All Rights Reserved.

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