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August 25

   "Breaking the World" Album OUT NOW!

        The highly-anticipated debut Threatin album “Breaking the World” was officially released today! It’s available in stores worldwide via Superlative Music Recordings (World) & SPV Records (Europe & UK). It was recorded at Mindframe Studios in Los Angeles, CA and mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, NY by Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Calbi - known for his work with John Lennon, David Bowie, and Bruce Springsteen.


        In a recent interview Threatin stated; “Musically, the album is very diverse. A song like “All Your Pain” is quite different than “Impulse” or “The Place Between”. When I began writing the album I tried to think of each song as a doorway to a musical direction that I could continue to explore in the future. Knowing it was my debut album, I consciously tried to break down any barriers that could restrict my creativity moving forward. The first two singles;” Living is Dying” and “Identity” were extremely well-received by fans so I look forward to everyone finally being able to hear the full album. “

The album art and tracklisting can be seen below...


1. Breaking the World

2. Living is Dying

3. The End of You

4. The Place Between

5. If Need Be

6. Identity

7. Rip Through These Chains

8. A Memory Forgotten

9. Impulse

10. Conscious

11. Fade Into Never

12. All Your Pain

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