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June 16

   New Single "Living is Dying" OUT NOW

      The new single :Living is Dying" is OUT NOW. Buy it now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and all other media outlets. Or, buy it on CD and get 2 additional bonus tracks.

                                                   Physical CD Tracklisting:

                                                       1. Living is Dying

                                                           Bonus Tracks

                                                       2. All Your Pain

                                                       3. The Hourglass Turns...

      ALSO - The debut Threatin album"Breaking the World" will be officially released on August 25th, 2017 via Superlative Music Recordings. In Stores Worldwide. Tracklisting and album cover art can been seen below!


1. Breaking the World

2. Living is Dying

3. The End of You

4. The Place Between

5. If Need Be

6. Identity

7. Rip Through These Chains

8. A Memory Forgotten

9. Impulse

10. Conscious

11. Fade Into Never

12. All Your Pain

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